Two unequal brothers - crossing the borders - following the footsteps of their musical heroes like: Keith Emerson, Keith Jarrett, Richard Wright and Stuart Copeland ( Roman Gilz ) and Ralph Vaughan Williams, George Antheil, Tibor Levay and Alexander van Bubenheim ( Beniaton Weiss ) to unfold their vision of ’New Earth Music’ - acoustic-electronic-swaying-grooving-stepping outside - and staying within - future-entertainment. MOON - SHIPPING  - a spiritual Journey to the Moon - from Adam and Eve - to Neil Armstrong. 67 minutes of real fine ’New Earth Music’ has gone through the last ‚Electronic G.‘ - mastering process and will be soon to be ready to go out to the world. in the meantime watch: MOON-SHIPPING - Prolog - Vibes and Tribes……. -